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Building a cultural bridge connecting Sakai and the world through food

Japanese cuisine is officially recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Nutritionally balanced Japanese cuisine is
known for its excellent expression of natural, seasonal beauty while making use of the distinct aspects of different ingredients.
It is a traditional Japanese dietary culture that is closely connected with annual events such as the New Year celebrations.
In the culture of Japanese cuisine, it is important not only to enjoy the beautiful presentation of each dish, but also to appreciate
the hopes and happiness of people who cooked them for you. It is also important to feel grateful for your happiness of enjoying
foods, which are blessings of nature. On the other hand, those who cook or serve dishes must do so with the spirit of hospitality
to entertain guests. Such gratitude and hospitality are indispensable parts of the culture of Japanese cuisine.
We believe that we can better achieve the dream by working together. Seiko Trading aims to connect the traditional culture
of Japanese cuisine handed down from generation to generation and the needs of people around the world for improved health
and high-quality foods.

Japanese Agricultural Products – Seasonal fruit (persimmons, pears, apples)
Japanese Marine Products – Fish, Dried Bonito, Seaweed
Traditional Processed Products – Kombu, Konnyaku, Soy sauce, Miso

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aiming at the supply of safe food materials

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